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Don't be fooled,

You are eating white meat lies


If you're lucky, your "boneless wings" are made from the breast of a chicken, (the worst part) and served as a wing. Enjoy that plate of deception.


Boneless chicken wings contain lots of flavor preservatives. Ingredients like xanthan gum, sodium phosphate, and transglutaminase (meat glue). Are the side affects listed on the menu?


The chicken wing giants sell their bleached, artificially breaded globs of hypocrisy at higher prices so they can make more money on what are effectively saucy nuggets.

Take it from someone you trust.

“Boneless wings, increasingly promoted by restaurants, are not wings at all, but slices of breast meat deep-fried like wings and served with the same sauces—a bit like a spicy Chicken McNugget.”

-New York Times
An image of boneless chicken wings as some liars might say